Lara Bartels Poster

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Lara Bartels

Title: Orientation dependency of T2 in newborn white matter shows dipole-dipole interaction effects

Laura Chan Poster

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Laura Chan

Title: Development of a Cellular Assay for Huntingtin’s Pro-Survival Function

Alexis Dawson Poster

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Alexis Dawson

Title: Cumulative Burden of Adolescent Psychopathology: Young Adult Outcomes and Mental Health Service Utilization

Erin Klein Poster

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Erin Klein

Title: The Impact of Developmental Coordination Disorder: Parent Perspectives

Hannah Phillips Poster

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Hannah Phillips

Title: Brain Functional Connectivity During Visual-Spatial Processing in Relation to Math Skills at Age 8 Years in Children Born Very Preterm

Yuka Obayashi Poster

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Yuka Obayashi

Title: Examining the role of H3K4 methylation in the hippocampal memory formation and in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease.