Normal fetal growth and development is a complex process with many points at which abnormality may occur. Triploidy and other chromosome abnormalities occur frequently in early pregnancy. Study of triploidy affords insights into the normal processes involved in successful pregnancy and ways in which those processes may be affected by chromosome abnormality. Study of triploid pregnancies yields information on intrauterine growth retardation, imprinting processes in placenta, function of the placenta and its component parts, and reasons for pregnancy losses.


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Current Projects
To study X inactivation in early triploid pregnancy losses and to assess correlation of parental origin of triploidy and embryonic/placental phenotype in early pregnancy losses.

Current Projects
To diagnose the underlying defect in miscarriages that have a cytogenetically normal karyotype, and to compare genetic abnormalities in pregnancies conceived naturally with those conceived by IVF.