What is Mini Med School?
The goal of Mini Med School is to expose students to the latest in biomedical and clinical research through lectures, live demonstrations and hands-on experience that inspires and motivates further learning. 

Held outside the classroom, we want students to experience health research first-hand and to recognize it as a realistic, inspirational possibility for their future careers. 

Hosted by the BC Children's Hospital Research Institute, the Mini Med School faculty includes world-class researchers affiliated with BC Children Hospital, BC Women's Hospital + Health Centre and the University of British Columbia

Still not sure what to expect? Watch Mini Med School online to explore topics from Mini Med School Vancouver. 

When is it? 

  • Victoria - Mini Med School will be held at the Royal BC Museum on Thursday, April 2, 2020 | Schedule
  • Nanaimo - Mini Med School will be held at the Coast Bastion Hotel on Friday, April 3, 2020 | Schedule

Twenty-two Mini Med School programs have been held at BC Children's Hospital since 2003. In 2017, this award-winning science education program expanded beyond the Lower Mainland for the first time to Terrace, BC. Where to next? We want to give as many communities as possible the opportunity to hear about exciting medical discoveries, interact with award-winning scientists and explore a variety of careers in science and health research. Mini Med School will be on the road for years to come! 

Who should attend?
Grade 10-12 students who have a passion for health science and research. Teachers are invited but not required to attend. Interested teachers should contact reseduc@bcchr.ca to register. 

Participants will examine leading-edge research and engage in critical thinking about scientific approaches and findings that have impacted the lives of Canadians. 

How do students register?
Admission to Mini Med School is free but space is limited.

Students interested in attending Mini Med School must register online. Additional students will be added to the waitlist and will have the opportunity to attend if capacity allows.  

Please note that Mini Med School is not intended to be a class field trip.

For additional details, see the Registration Guidelines - Victoria or Nanaimo

Where do I find more information?