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Congratulations to the CFRI investigators who were recently appointed or renewed as Canada Research Chairs. The Canada Research Chair program helps attract and retain top researchers across the country. Eleven CFRI investigators now hold these prestigious appointments.

Congratulations to the newly appointed Canada Research Chairs:

Dr. Philipp Lange appointed Canada Research Chair in Translational Proteomics of Pediatric Malignancies

Dr. Lange studies the molecular processes involved in the formation and growth of pediatric cancers to support the development of more targeted and effective treatments.

Dr. Sara Mostafavi appointed Canada Research Chair in Computational Biology

Dr. Mostafavi uses her computer science expertise to develop algorithms that reveal patterns in large, complex data sets that are becoming increasingly important in health research. Her research focuses on identifying genetic risk factors for common mental disorders, which may allow doctors to identify children at risk for these conditions earlier.

Congratulations to renewed Canada Research Chairs:

Dr. Jehannine Austin renewed as Canada Research Chair in Translational Psychiatric Genetics

Dr. Austin studies how genetic counselling can help patients and families affected by mental illness understand diagnoses and navigate treatment options.

Dr. Liisa Holsti renewed as Canada Research Chair in Neonatal Health and Development

Dr. Holsti's research program focuses on developing new methods for assessing and treating pain and stress in preterm babies in order to improve lifelong health outcomes.

Dr. Yvonne Lamers renewed as Canada Research Chair in Human Nutrition and Vitamin Metabolism

Dr. Lamers’ efforts on defining B-vitamin adequacy during pregnancy and infancy for early diagnosis of deficiencies aim to provide children with the best possible starts in life.

The CFRI Research & Technology Development Office (RTDO) team provided expertise and support to many of the CFRI investigators who applied for these appointments. On behalf of everyone at CFRI, we would like to thank Dr. Dawn McArthur, Dr. Tamara English, Dominique Levesque and Amber Hui for their tireless commitment to CFRI's research community.