Congratulations to Dr. Elizabeth M. Simpson on receiving the 2014 Genome British Columbia Award for Scientific Excellence.

Part of the 16th Annual Life Sciences British Columbia Awards, the Genome BC Award for Scientific Excellence recognizes the outstanding achievements of local leaders in the field of scientific research in the life sciences.

Dr. Simpson is an internationally-recognized leader in mammalian genetics and genomics, as well as a dedicated educator.

After joining UBC in 1999, Dr. Simpson spearheaded two large international collaborative projects aimed at developing “MiniPromoters”, or human DNA control elements that can drive gene expression in regions of the brain, spinal cord, and eye. These MiniPromoters have many applications in academic and industry research but also serve as critical tools for clinical applications such as gene therapy. The MiniPromoter technology is being developed to enable gene therapy for disorders such as Alzheimer disease, Parkinson disease, and blindness, all of which are resistant to traditional therapeutic approaches.

An active proponent of translational approaches, Dr. Simpson has a history of commercial success with the fruits of her research. She fosters collaborations with industry and holds an impressive patent portfolio.

Dr. Simpson is a scientist with CFRI and the Centre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics, professor with the UBC Department of Medical Genetics and associate member of the UBC Department of Psychiatry. She is also an investigator with the Brain Research Centre and a Founding Fellow of the Institute of Mental Health.