Dr. James Lim's laboratory at the Child & Family Research Institute focuses on finding new ways to help children fight leukemia. Dr. Lim's team recently discovered that a group of cell adhesion proteins called integrins, which promote the ability of leukemia cells to survive chemotherapy. 

In 15 per cent of leukemia cases, cell adhesion via these proteins can cause the leukemia to return (and become drug resistant) after the treatment is complete. Dr. Lim is hopeful that in identifying these proteins, we'll have a new target for cancer-fighting drugs, and that we can improve the odds for kids fighting leukemia in BC and beyond.

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Liu CC, Leclair P, Yap SQ, Lim CJ. The Membrane Proximal KxGFFKR Motif of α-Integrin Mediates Chemoresistance*. Molecular and Cellular Biology (2013) 33: 4334-45. PMID: 24001772 *MCB Spotlighted Article