Toddler eatingThe BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute is a leader in nutrition and metabolism research. This website provides an overview of research topics and investigators in this field, as well as our state-of the-art core analytical facilities for metabolomics and nutrition research.

Nutrition and metabolism research at BC Children's spans the full spectrum from explanation of biological action, to pre-clinical and clinical studies, to population health. Our research is translational, and the expertise of our investigators is widely relevant to clinical care and supports cross-program and collaborative research. 

Some main areas of research include:

  • Maternal nutrition during pregnancy and lactation
  • Preterm and term infant nutrition
  • Nutrient metabolism during development
  • Child and adolescent nutrition
  • Nutrition and developmental programming of chronic disease
  • Nutrition and biochemical diseases
  • Dietary interventions in children
  • Nutritional strategies for preventing and managing chronic diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, and intestinal disorders
  • Malnutrition and gut health