Welcome to the COVID-19 Immunology Consortium-BC Trainee Group

The COVID-19 Immunology Consortium-BC (CIC-BC) Trainee Group provides a space for students and trainees who are interested in infectious disease immunology to learn and connect with peers from various sites across the province.

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What's the TEA?

Each month we'll host a Trainee Engagement Activity (TEA) so you can keep a pulse on current research in the field from those who are on the ground: you! Each virtual event will feature student/trainee presentations with time for questions, discussion and networking.

We are hosting Trainee Engagement Activities (TEA) each month for students & trainees in BC with an interest in infectious disease immunology. Benefits include: Keep a pulse on current research, win prizes,  connect with peers across the province.

Upcoming events

Our next event is taking place in Fall 2022. Check back in for more details!

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Why should I participate?

We understand that presentations can be nerve wracking and stressful! These events provide an informal and relaxed setting where folks can increase their exposure, receive feedback from peers and/or PIs, make connections within the research community, and expand their CV. As a small thank you for your large contribution to CIC-BC community, we will provide a $25 gift card to all presenters.

How can I participate?

These events are open to all CIC-BC members (Not a member? Join here for free). We are accepting abstracts on a rolling basis. Please see the chart below for submission deadlines based on the event date. Abstracts will be reviewed by the CIC-BC Trainee Planning Committee and accepted abstracts will be notified within 3 days of submission deadline.

Our next event is taking place in Fall 2022. Check back in for more details!

We are seeking abstract submissions for the following presentation styles:

Journal Club

Present a peer reviewed article (~20 minutes) that is relevant to your project(s) or of general interest. This provides an opportunity for students/trainees who do not yet have data but would like to bring forward literature that supports their work. Highly encouraged for new trainees!

Work in Progress Presentations

Present your work (~20 minutes) in an informal and open environment to receive feedback from peers. Your presentation does not need to be perfect – a working copy is excellent! We hope to foster discussions among peers to help improve each other’s work.

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Previous events

May 2022

Prognostic peripheral blood biomarkers at ICU admission predict COVID-19 clinical outcomes

  • Fatima Yaseen

Measuring the Contributions of the Humoral Response in COVID-19

  • Fang Fang Li

March 2022

Assessing the Ability of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines to Elicit Antibodies Against SARS-CoV-2 Variants of Concern

  • Melina Messing, MSc

The PREVENT COVID study, a prospective study evaluating COVID-19 vaccine-elicited immunity in adults aged 19 years and above in British Columbia

  • Gabrielle Gaultier, PhD
  • Brynn McMillan, MSc


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