The Research & Technology Development Office (RTDO) provides expertise in strategic research planning and the development of successful research programs, major projects, and partnership activities. Focusing on the quality of science and health research, the RTDO facilitators assist and advise investigators in the articulation of research ideas, development of competitive funding proposals, and in knowledge exchange, technology transfer and protection of intellectual property.

The goal of the RTDO is to maximize the success of researchers at BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute and Women’s Hospital Research Institute to obtain external research, salary, and infrastructure awards. Since establishment of the RTDO in 2003, the facilitators have developed and supported more than 2000 research proposals, helping to bring over $400 million to BC Children’s Hospital.

The RTDO provides expert support in the following areas:

  • Research Development – strategic initiatives, mentorship, individual programs, teams and collaborations, knowledge translation/exchange
  • Strategic Planning
  • Proposal Development – peer and critical review, competitiveness, opportunities, coordination
  • Technology Development – funding, IP, commercialization, partnerships
  • Education – scholarships, fellowships and proposals; critical review; scientific communication; and visual thinking

Primary Contacts:

Dawn McArthur, PhD –  Strategic planning, institutional initiatives (CRC, CFI, NCE etc), major projects, all proposals
Tamara English, PhD  Trainee awards, philanthropic funding, nominations, all proposals
Amber Hui, MA –  WHRI members, team logistics, all proposals
Jennifer Lynett, PhD –  Technology transfer and IP protection

Dawn McArthur, PhD

As Director, Research & Technology Development, Dr. Dawn McArthur has a mandate to enhance research capacity and competitiveness at BCCHR. Over the past 12 years, Dr. McArthur has worked with BCCHR researchers to achieve an exceptional success rate for individual and collaborative research programs.

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Tamara English, PhD

Tamara English is the Senior Research Development Facilitator and assists with trainee awards, philanthropic funding, nominations and all proposals.

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Amber Hui, MA

Amber Hui is the Research Development Facilitator, assisting with team logistics and all proposals, as well as working with WHRI members.

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Jennifer Lynett, PhD

Dr. Jennifer Lynett is the Technology Transfer Manager for the University Industry Liaison Office at the University of British Columbia.

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