Research Overview

We focus on clinical research to improve the lives of children, youth, and their families who have mental health difficulties. We are dedicated to the understanding of the unique strengths and challenges, and the beliefs, attitudes, and actions of this population, in order to develop and evaluate innovative and evidence-based practices for patients, professionals, and public community. Our work is closely integrated with the Outpatient Child & Youth Mental Health Program of BC Children's Hospital.

Principal Investigator

Dr. Janet Mah
Dr. Janet Mah

Dr. Janet Mah is a clinical child psychologist at BC Children's Hospital, and is part of the psychiatry clinical faculty at the University of British Columbia. Her research interests focus on parenting, beliefs and attitudes related to treatment engagement and adherence, innovative psychosocial interventions, and mental health literacy and stigma among cultural groups.


Donate to the Mah Lab Clinical Research Program

Our research is made possible through funding from BC Children's Hospital Foundation, BC Children's Hospital Research Institute, and BC Mental Health & Substance Use Services. We welcome direct donations to the Mah Lab Clinical Research Program (KRZ75151) through the BC Children's Hospital Foundation.