The Drug Safety and Effectiveness Network (DSEN) Active Surveillance and Evaluation of Adverse Reactions in Canadian Healthcare (SEARCH) & Pharmacogenomics of Adverse Reaction EVEnts National Team (PREVENT) is a network funded in 2011 by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Team Grant of Drug Safety and Effectiveness Network (DSEN). Since that time, it has been renewed twice.  

The SEARCH team evaluates drug safety and effectiveness and identifies risks associated with commonly prescribed drugs; PREVENT uses pharmacogenomics discovery and replication (in at least three independent populations) to identify strongly-predictive pharmacogenomic biomarkers. These biomarkers are then used to develop solutions to drug safety and effectiveness concerns by developing risk prediction models of genomic risk for discussion in patient care encounters. Informing patients and clinicians of the risk of drug-induced harm helps personalize their health decisions in important ways that realize social, economic, and health benefits for Canada and the world. 

SEARCH & PREVENT continue to serve the needs of DSEN for active surveillance of adverse drug reactions (ADRs) and effectiveness concerns of importance to the CIHR DSEN, Health Canada, policy makers and other pertinent stakeholders with pharmacogenomics and other methods to determine the biological basis of drug harm. We respond to all queries put forward by the DSEN Steering Committee and have multiple projects underway.