The vision of the Department of Pediatric Anesthesia is to provide excellence and innovation in patient-centered care for the children and their families of British Columbia. Evaluation, improvement and innovation are key research activities that allow us to optimize the clinical care we provide.
BC Children's Hospital provides tertiary level care to all the children in British Columbia. The Department of Anesthesia at BC Children's Hospital is one of 11 similar university affiliated pediatric anesthesia specialist programs in Canada. The anesthesiologists at BC Children's Hospital have special training and experience in the perioperative management of infants, children and youth. These Pediatric Anesthesiologists are specialist physicians who, in addition to completion of an MD degree and at least 5 years of anesthesia training, have completed further subspecialty training in Pediatric Anesthesia.

In addition to providing expert anesthetic care, the Department of Pediatric Anesthesia is an active participant in both medical education and research. Department members participate locally, nationally and internationally in education and research to improve and to advance the practice of pediatric anesthesia and pain management. Our pediatric anesthesia fellowship-training program and research program are examples of these activities.