We have four research themes: Childhood Diseases, Brain, Behaviour & Development, Healthy Starts and Evidence to Innovation. Within each theme, we have specialized research groups evolve in response to changing funding opportunities, scientific developments and investigator expertise.

Brain, Behaviour & Development

We bring together neuroscience, mental health and child development researchers through basic, clinical, population and public health research. We care for children with complex medical, physical, developmental and mental health needs, and lead national initiatives such as Networks of Centres of Excellence. 

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Healthy Starts

Our overarching goal is to keep children and families healthy and out of the hospital by preventing lifelong health challenges and chronic diseases that are rooted in early childhood. We are passionate about furthering research into how a child’s family life and environment impacts their health, shedding light on healthy childhood development before and after birth, and improving child health worldwide through innovation, advocacy, education and capacity building. 

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Evidence to Innovation

We are health care innovators. Our team of clinicians and scientists are developing new health care technologies, improving patient care, advancing the safe and effective use of drugs, developing new methods of health data analytics, and shifting health system attitudes and behaviours to improve the health care and well-being of children and families. Together with the patients we serve, we are leading initiatives to inform health care policy and practice. 

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