The Integrated Navigational Support Program is a combined research-system level quality improvement program. It aims to understand and improve the experience of families who seek and need services and supports for their child/youth with neurodevelopmental special needs (neurodisability) from across multiple agencies and service sectors. 

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Families encounter significant difficulties knowing what the appropriate services and supports are for their child with neurodisabiilty and themselves, where they are situated, and how to access them. There is a sense that much can be done to establish and enhance cohesiveness among the services and supports that exist. Patient or system navigation is one of a number of inter-related strategies aimed to help patients and families find their way though the complexities of health, social and educational service systems. 

What We Are Doing 

We are part of a Western Canada initiative (BC, Alberta and Yukon) supported by the Kids Brain Health Network. In each region, team members have been building connections with families, government and community-based partners. In BC, our goals are two-fold: (1) to raise public and policy-maker awareness of “navigational”-type work and its importance; (2) to work collaboratively with the main agencies, organization and providers who primarily or secondarily help with navigational-type work, and with families themselves, to increase connectedness, collaboration, and information-sharing. 

With our Project Provincial Advisory Group, we are addressing three barriers identified as most pressing and most actionable. Our research is forming a base for further work and advocacy. In addition, we recently brought together over 100 stakeholders including families, organizations who work with children and families in navigational and other capacities, and government, in a successful and productive “Navigation Summit” to advance the overall agenda and promote opportunities to collaborate. 

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BC Project Lead, Anton Miller 
Email: amiller@cw.bc.ca

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