Recent evidence suggests that a mother's diet during pregnancy can influence the development of cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors in their adult children. Currently my research focuses on determining how this occurs. I speculate that maternal diet during pregnancy can influence gene expression in children through epigenetic processes, defined as heritable changes in gene expression that occur without a change in the DNA sequence of the gene. I’m conducting studies in mice to determine the roles of prenatal and early postnatal diet and the role of epigenetic processes in the development of CVD, and am addressing the questions: if diet during adult life can change epigenetic processes, what happens to offspring exposed early in development to a similar nutrient insult, and are there consequences later in life? Overall determining how diet and epigenetic processes contribute to CVD will aid in the development of early screening tools for at-risk children, and novel therapeutic targets for prevention and treatment of CVD.


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Maternal Diet & Epigenetic Regulation of Gene Expression
The goal of this project is to determine the effect of in utero exposure to changes in maternal homocysteine levels on epigenetic regulation of vascular gene expression in mice. These studies are funded by the Hospital for Sick Children Foundation.

DNA Methylation & Vascular Gene Expression
The goal of this project is to determine the effect of hyperhomocysteinemia, a cardiovascular disease risk factor, on loss of genomic imprinting of H19 , and to determine the role of H19 in the vascular pathology associated with hyperhomocysteinemia in mice. These studies are funded by the American Heart Association.


NSERC Team Discovery Grant- Project

``Biological effects of folate/cobalamin inbalance in mammals`` (2014-2019)

2016-2017 Healthy Starts Catalyst Grant "Determining the Long Term Metabolic Effects of Neonatal Sucrose Treatment"

Honours & Awards

Establishment Award, BC Research Institute for Children's & Women's Health, 2004

McDonald Scholarship Award, 2006-2007

Research Group Members

Abeer Aljaadi, Trainee
Nicha Boonpattrawong, Graduate Research Assistant
Danielle Cohen, Undergraduate Student
Josef Goetz, Summer Student
Ashley Jang, Volunteer
Ei-Xia Mussai, Doctoral Student
Cynthia Yamilka Ramírez Contreras, Master Student, Master Student
Martina Stokes, Volunteer
Alejandra Wiedeman, Postdoctoral Fellow