Oncogenesis is the process of cancer development, whereby normal cells are transformed into cancer cells. I am interested in applying pathology techniques to learn more about this process, and to determine what triggers oncogenesis in different types of childhood cancers. I am also interested in correlating clinical aspects of disease with changes in diseased tissues, in the hopes of understanding the disease process better.


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Radiology-Pathology Correlation of Pediatric Conditions
I enjoy collaborating with my BCCH Radiologist colleagues to correlate gross and microscopic features of pediatric surgical and biopsy specimens with their imaging findings. Conditions we have looked at in the past include pediatric renal tumors, pediatric bowel inflammatory conditions, pediatric interstitial lung disease, and thymic developmental abnormalities and differences. Our work has led to several educational exhibits at the RSNA and SPR annual meetings, and we have several manuscripts in preparation.

Pediatric Personalized Oncogenomics (PedsPOG)
I am a pathology reviewer for Pediatric Personalized Oncogenomics (PedsPOG), an innovative collaborative project that uses next-generation sequencing technologies to identify molecular pathways in pediatric cancers that could be targeted by pharmaceuticals (Site leaders: Drs. R. Deyell, R. Rassekh, BCCH Oncology; Principal investigators: Drs. M. Marra, J. Laskin, BCCA Oncology). I am also involved in a related initiative, the Canada-wide "Precision Oncology for Young People" (PROFYLE).