Premature babies are vulnerable and prone to poor postnatal growth. Fortified mothers’ milk is the best feed for tiny babies, and fortification of human milk is standard practice in NICUs across the globe. However, there is lack of consensus regarding the best fortification strategy. Our research focuses on refining fortification practices and improving growth outcomes of premature infants. Early growth in small babies plays an important role in long term neurodevelopment. Individualized fortification of human milk after daily analysis of milk macronutrient content can improve nutrient intake and weight gain in premature infants. However, use of commercial milk analyzers is not feasible in most settings. We have recently developed and validated a bedside color-based tool, that can help in estimation of human milk calorie content. This tool, along with existing clinical and laboratory parameter will help in improving clinical outcomes of tiny babies. Our vision is to develop a smartphone camera-based app which can estimate the calorie content of human milk with a simple click of the camera. This study would improve the feeding practices for preterm infants globally and would be crucial in improving nutrition and growth outcomes for these tiny and sick babies.


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Current Projects
1. Human milk calorie guide: A novel color-based tool to estimate calorie content for guiding fortification in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
2. Corrected fortification strategy to promote growth in very low birth weight infants
3. Calorie-Cam: Using a Smart Phone App to Estimate Calorie Content of Human Milk


2019: Research grant (co-investigator) by the British Columbia Children’s Hospital Research Institute for ‘Development and Validation of Human Milk Calorie Guide’ project, Value $40,000; Grant Number GR014633

2014: Research Scholarship Award by Society for Continuing Medical Education and Research, Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences, Thiruvananthapuram, India; Value $2000 (Rs 1 lac only)

Honours & Awards

2019: Laura McRae award for best Subspecialty Trainee at University of British Columbia, Vancouver for 2018-2019

2019: National Research Award at the 31st Annual National Research Competition, for best presentation; May 2019 Vancouver

2019: Best Research Presentation at Celebrate Research Day by Department of Pediatrics, UBC, Vancouver; March 2019

2019: Travel Award for Research Presentation by BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute; Value $500

2019: Travel Award for Evidence Based Practice for Improving Quality (EPIQ) Conference by UBC; Value $1600

2018: Best Clinical Research Platform Presentation at District 8 Perinatal Conference, Midway, Utah, USA; June 2018

2018: Travel Award by American Academy of Pediatrics, Society of Neonatal Perinatal Medicine Council; Value $1000

2012: Gold medal by Department of Pediatrics, Government Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala – best postgraduate resident 2009-2012

2012: Gold Medal in the Postgraduate Pediatric Exit Exam, Kerala University – highest score in university residency exit exam

2011: First prize in All Kerala State Pediatrics Quiz conducted by Indian Academy of Pediatrics