I am a community-based pediatrician who has been welcomed by the autism community — I specialize in severe autism, especially those with intellectual impairment and self injury. Previously, I worked in complex care and in biochemical diseases — this has resulted in my interest in medical complexity as well. My background includes being a teacher, so I understand the challenges experienced by kids navigating both systems — health and education. Recently I have also become a qualified specialist to do autism assessments. My current interest and research is around advancing health outcomes and advocating for increased collaboration to support families and kids with severe autism. Finally, I also work within many Indigenous communities — both rural and urban — and am currently working on a project to create an Indigenous focused healthy living web based portal.


ASD and SIB Whitepaper
Through the support of a CUES grant, we have created a “Think Tank” to pull together a team of experts to provide best practice guidelines in the management and treatment of those who have severe autism and self injurious behaviour.

Focus Group: Gaps in Care of Service
Recently completed a focus group of parents and caregivers of children with severe autism and self injurious behaviors to identify their view of gaps in care of service. This was a pilot project that will be rolled out across Canada. Subsequently, the survey that was used will be forwarded to BC families through community agencies to gather more information about demographics and needs of these families.

Healthy Living for Indigenous Children and Families
I have been working to develop a web-based portal to build individualized and sustainable community-based nutrition and weight reduction programs for Indigenous children and families. This is a project which will use a strengths based lens with community champions and has been supported by multiple community services.


A Community-University Collaborative for Improving the Management and Outcomes of Individuals with Self-Injurious Behaviours in Autism and Related Disorders. Co-applicant – competitive grant through UBC, Community-University Engagement Support (2020 – 2022, $15,000)

Honours & Awards

2017 – Resident Advocacy Award