The overarching goal of my academic program is to connect health innovation with patient-centered care. This directly aligns with my clinical focus, which is to provide excellent care for families of children with long-term endocrine health needs, across a variety of geographic and socioeconomic settings. Specifically, in my academic program, I hope to support a sustainable and innovative health-care system while thinking outside the boundaries of typical health-care provision for our families. This has led me to spend my efforts promoting adjustments to health-care provision across atypical health-care settings such as at school, at camp, and care closer to home.

Within the development and assessment of clinical programs for children with type 1 diabetes, I have led the development of a diabetes telehealth program at BC Children's Hospital. This program provides improved access to diabetes specialist care for children across the province. My interest in this area has led to recent research assessing the impact of the transition to virtual care during the pandemic on children and parents, and I have been able to report on the experience of families in receiving virtual care for both diabetes and gender care. I currently have underway a mixed-methods assessment of the experiences of health-care providers with virtual care, as I hope to add the provider voice into the conversation about how to best design our future virtual care.

I support Nursing Support Services in their delivery of diabetes care to more than 400 children across BC at school. I have a specific interest in the development and assessment of diabetes care for children in the school setting. I have been a part of two large-scale evaluations of the diabetes at school program in BC, and this work has supported integration of continuous glucose monitoring at school.

Finally, I have a clinical interest and specialized training in the care of transgender youth. I provide leadership and education across BC and beyond in this dynamic and emerging area of medicine, and I have the aim of increasing the capacity of health-care providers to provide high-quality gender affirming care.


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Patient Perceptions of Telehealth for Pediatric Type 1 Diabetes During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Follow-up Study
This study evaluated patient and family perceptions of telehealth at two timepoints (early and late pandemic) in the COVID-19 pandemic. We demonstrated that the desire by families for future telehealth care strengthened significantly from early to later in the pandemic, and virtual care is the preferred option for these visits. This study provided a strong signal for the need for integration of virtual care in future care models.

Usability of Virtual Visits for the Routine Clinical Care of Trans Youth during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Youth and Caregiver Perspectives
This was the first study to assess the usability of gender-related virtual visits using a validated tool specifically developed for the evaluation of newer telemedicine platforms. The results showed a very positive assessment of virtual care by trans youth and their families. A total of 100% of youth and caregivers described virtual appointments as safer or as safe as in-person visits, and 94% of participants would like virtual visits to continue after the pandemic.

Evaluation of telephone and virtual visits for routine pediatric diabetes care during the COVID-19 pandemic
This was the first study to report on a tertiary diabetes centre’s complete transition to telephone and virtual care during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the only tertiary children’s hospital in BC, our program was able to gain insight from many clinical encounters during a short timeframe during the early stages of the pandemic.

Province-Wide Type 1 Diabetes Care Plan for Children in the School Setting
This was the first evaluation of a Canadian provincial diabetes at school program and represented the voices of over 200 stakeholders. It established that BC’s diabetes at school program is overall perceived to be safe and is meeting diabetes management needs. This study also set the framework for a pilot program on the use of continuous glucose monitoring in the school setting, and that pilot program has dramatically changed the landscape of diabetes care offered in schools.

Acute kidney injury in diabetic ketoacidosis
This study assessed the proportion of acute kidney injury in children presenting to BC Children's Hospital with diabetic ketoacidosis. Fluid management in diabetic ketoacidosis has been guided in large part by concern for cerebral edema; however, there are other possible outcomes of our standard of care treatment, such as kidney injury. This study was the first large-scale assessment for acute kidney injury in children with diabetic ketoacidosis, and it was the first study to document the high proportion of children with diabetic ketoacidosis who also develop acute kidney injury. Acute kidney injury is concerning because it is associated with increased morbidity and mortality as well as increased risk of chronic renal disease, a finding that is especially relevant among children who are already at risk for diabetic nephropathy.

Coaching for parents of children with type 1 diabetes
This study evaluated the impact of providing a behavioural approach called coaching for families of children with type 1 diabetes. This novel study brought together the diabetes team with the staff of the New Knowledge & Innovation division to integrate a coach into the diabetes team. The coach worked directly with families of children with type 1 diabetes. Coaching was well received by families who perceived significant benefits. Adding a coach into diabetes care supported families in a way that was unique from their routine clinical care.


Institute of Coaching, McLean University (Harvard), Harnisch Grant, 2015

CFKF Childhood Diabetes Laboratories Legacy Grant, 2021. Project titled, “Evaluation of virtual health for routine pediatric diabetes visits at one year into the COVID-19 pandemic.”

CFKF Childhood Diabetes Laboratories Diabetes Catalyst Grant, 2023. Project titled, “Pediatric diabetes clinician experience with virtual visits in BC.”

CFRI Canucks for Kids Fund Diabetes Catalyst Grant, 2015

Honours & Awards

Canadian Pediatric Endocrine Group: Fellowship Award, 2013-2014

Canadian Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism: Dr. Fernand Labrie Fellowship Research Award, 2013-2014

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Alex Fung, Research Coordinator