I am interested in expanding human knowledge and understanding the mechanisms that underlie pathology. My specific areas of interest are developmental genetics, dysmorphology, and syndrome delineation. I believe that this is best achieved through collaborations with clinicians and researchers in various disciplines, as well as involvement of patients and their families.


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EpiSign–CAN Study
I am a local investigator for the EpiSign–CAN study (Assessing the Improvement in Diagnosis of Rare Diseases using Clinical Epigenomics in Canada). The goal of the study is to validate the use of the EpiSign test in the diagnosis of rare genetic diseases. The EpiSign test is a clinically validated method for whole-genome epigenetic testing, comparing methylation changes across a patient’s genome to known epigenetic signatures of key disorders.

Natural History Survey
I am a lead investigator in a collaborative effort with members of the Nager syndrome community to develop a natural history survey based on patient-reported outcome measures.

Precision Medicine Podcasts
I am a lead on an educational study on Precision Medicine podcasts in a Postgraduate Medical Education setting, which I helped to co-develop and produce.