I am clinically involved at BCCH in the care of children with congenital heart disease. I have a strong interest and significant training and experience in pediatric anesthesia, specifically pediatric cardiac anesthesia. My primary focus of research and education is the use of simulation training in healthcare, focusing on clinical, multi-professional courses, and faculty development.


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European Simulation Collaboration
I am a co-founder of the European Simulation Collaboration (http://www.eusim.org) and have been running Basic and Advanced Simulation Train-the-Trainers Courses since 2005. This initial partnership of 3 simulator centres has now increased with partnership centres in many countries including Holland, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Portugal and Mexico. I have taught many of these international courses. Based on this experience, I am currently developing a series of multidisciplinary simulations, held directly in the operating room, to improve non-technical skills & teamwork at BCCH. Our goal is to investigate their role in reducing errors and inefficiency in the operating room.

PediCrisis Management Checklists/Guidelines
I am leading adaptation of the PediCrisis management checklists/guidelines to BCCH practices, to help local healthcare providers during critical events such as pediatric cardiac arrest and anaphylaxis. We are implementing these checklists, to be used in all anesthesia areas at BCCH, and plan to evaluate their usefulness through audits in the near future.

Dexmedetomidine Sedation in PACU following Pediatric Cardiac Catheterization
Following a retrospective review, I am initiating a prospective randomized controlled study to investigate any benefits to Dexmedetomidine in pediatric patients who have undergone cardiac catheter procedures.


UBC Faculty of Medicine: Faculty Development Initiative Grant – Development of a Simulator Educator Self Assessment Tool, April 2016

Honours & Awards

Clinical Excellence Awards from Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Trust, 2008/2009

Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, 2013