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Do I need to register before I start watching Mini Med School Online?

No. Once you’ve watched the entire series, you can submit the Mini Med School Online program form whenever you’re ready. 

Does Mini Med School Online include any pre-readings or take-home assignments? What about tests?

Mini Med School Online participants will not be required to complete any assignments or tests. Occasionally students do like to take notes during lectures, but it is not required.

How long will it take before I receive my certificate?

It can take up to 2 weeks for the Mini Med School Team to review your program form and email your electronic certificate of participation. 

Can I receive multiple electronic certificates if I watch multiple Mini Med School series? 

Yes! For every recent series you watch, you can complete the Mini Med School Online program form for an electronic certificate of participation. Please submit a new program form for each series you watch.

Eligible series include: 

Can I choose a Mini Med School series from 2010-2015?

While students can still watch the older Mini Med School series from 2010-2015 in the Video Library, only the more recent series listed above (2016-2021) will be eligible for an electronic certificate of participation.

Do you have a deadline for participating? 

No. Mini Med School Online does not have a deadline. Videos are not in real-time; participating is like watching a video on YouTube. You also have the opportunity to start and stop videos on your own schedule. 

Can I ask the presenters questions? 

As Mini Med School Online is not in real-time, you will not have the opportunity to ask presenters questions.