My research program is comprised of projects to describe patterns and outcomes of critical illness among children living in remote and resource-limited places in British Columbia and across the world. My aim is to understand the infrastructure of healthcare for critically ill children in settings where high-cost, high-technology, and specialized care are less readily available and to evaluate strategies to improve the quality of care in these settings.


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Infrastructure of Pediatric Emergency and Critical Care in Resource-Limited Settings
The aim of this study is to describe global infrastructure for the care of critically ill children in resource-limited settings through a multi-national research collaboration. We will explore regional differences in structural, human, and material resources for emergency and critical care with particular focus on global regions with the highest burden of preventable child mortality.

Predictors of Mortality among Children and Young Adolescents Hospitalized in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
To date, school-age children and early adolescents have been relatively neglected in global health literature due to perceived lower risk of death. Recent estimates suggest that there remains a significant burden of preventable mortality among these children. The aim of this research is to describe the epidemiology of critical illness among children and early adolescents across the age spectrum (including age 5 – 14 years) and to identify early predictors of hospital mortality. We will explore cause of illness among older children and validate/update existing prognostic models for hospital and early post-discharge mortality in these older age groups.

Honours & Awards

Canadian Institutes for Health Research Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarship Doctoral Award