I work in two different clinical settings, and therefore have two general areas of research interest.

My primary interest is around supporting children and families who have faced marginalization or structural barriers to care. I am interested in how we can support families impacted by substance use disorder and poverty, and maximize health and development outcomes for their children. I am currently interested in understanding direct and indirect impacts of COVID-19 on vulnerable families, particularly those in the inner city.

I am also interesting in improving care for hospitalized children. I am specifically interested in making care more efficient for children with common infections, and maximizing evidence-based management of pediatric infections. I am working with a team at BC Children's on a novel approach to systematic reviews and meta-analyses, to keep pediatric evidence updated and available in real time.


Living Systematic Reviews
Working in collaboration with colleagues in infectious diseases, we are generating "live" updated systematic reviews for common pediatric infectious issues, beginning with urinary tract infections. The methods utilize a novel crowd-sourcing method for citation review to enable more rapid generation of results.

COVID-19 Imapcts on Vulnerable Families
In my role with the RICHER initiative, partnering with community organizations to understand the direct and indirect impacts of COVID-19 on families on the margins.

Support for Marginalized Children
I work clinically in various settings with infants, children and youth facing structural discrimination and social marginalization. I am engaged in community-drive projects assessing methods for improving literacy behaviours, and reviewing tools used to collect information on the social determinants of health from families.


‘Exploring Being Well Together’

Maternal & Infant Health Equity In The Context Of HIV. MSFHR Convening and Collaborating Grant. Research User Co-Lead.

Honours & Awards

Faculty Rookie of the Year Award, UBC Pediatrics Residency Program, June 2019

BC Pediatric Society Child Advocacy Aware, June 2018

Resident Award for Research Excellence, Canadian Paediatric Society Annual Conference, June 2016

Research Group Members

Rosa Balleny, Medical FLEX Student
Clea Bland, Family Nurse Practitioner, RICHER Initiative, BC Children's Hospital
Nathan Chang
Michelle Kim, Research Student
Saina Nemati
Lisa Ritland, Doctoral Student
Ria Sandhu