My research program aims to generate high-impact evidence, innovate new models of health delivery, and change public health policy to eliminate the current adverse health gradient experienced by structurally marginalized children and youth due to the social and structural determinants of health. I work in partnership with patients and families, community organizations and community members to design and implement research projects.


Developmental Health for Marginalized Children:
I am interested in promoting the early developmental health of structurally marginalized children. This includes combining population-level health data with community-based participatory action approaches. My work acknowledges that there are many diverse world views and ways of knowing about this topic, and always seeks to include many perspectives in the generation of evidence.

Substance Use:
My work supports children, youth and families that are impacted by substance use, with an emphasis on harm reduction and overdose prevention. I also seek to design and amplify trauma-informed and relational approaches to supporting this population.

Inpatient Care:
Working in partnership with families, I am committed to contributing to improving the experience of inpatient care, particularly for families that travel a great distance for treatment.


Michael Smith Health Research BC Convening and Collaborating (C2) Grant (2023-2025)

Vancouver Foundation Participatory Action Research Investigate Grant (2023-2026)

Vancouver Foundation Participatory Action Research Convene Grant (2023-2026)

CIHR Covid-19 Pediatric Platform Grant - Pediatric Outcomes Improvement through Coordination of Research Networks [POPCORN] (2022-2025)

Honours & Awards

American Academy of Pediatrics - BC Chapter Special Achievement Award (2023)

UBC Department of Pediatrics - Ivory Tower Award (2023)

UBC Department of Pediatrics - Undergraduate Medical Education Teacher of the Year (2021)

UBC Department of Pediatrics - Rookie of the Year (2019)

Research Group Members

Rosa Balleny, Medical FLEX Student
Clea Bland, Family Nurse Practitioner, RICHER Initiative, BC Children's Hospital
Ethan Fong, Research Assistant
Armaan Jaffer, Research Assistant
Michelle Kim, Research Student
Dami Mabadeje, Research Assistant
Saina Nemati
Lisa Ritland, Doctoral Student