Dr. Mor Cohen-Eilig is a developmental pediatrician at Sunny Hill Health Centre serving children and families in the BC Autism Assessment Network, Neuromotor and Acute Rehabilitation programs. She was drawn to learning about the developing brain of infants since the start of her career. Mor’s current research continues to focus on improving the lives of infants and children who are affected by neurodevelopmental disorders such cerebral palsy and autism spectrum disorder.


Early neonatal C-reactive protein levels and periventricular leukomalacia
Israel Medical Association Journal
Cohen-Eilig, M. and Lis, N.B. and Livneh, A. and Bassan, H.

Bone density among infants of gestational diabetic mothers and macrosomic neonates.
Maternal and child health journal
Schushan-Eisen I and Cohen M and Leibovitch L and Maayan-Metzger A and Strauss T
DOI: 10.1007/s10995-014-1541-9
PubMed: 25138627


Evidence-based Care for Children with Cerebral Palsy - Early Diagnosis and Intervention
Current evidence links a timely diagnosis of cerebral palsy (CP) to better long-term health outcomes, family resilience, satisfaction with the healthcare system, and overall quality of life for the child and family members. We aim to shorten the diagnosis timeline to under 12 months and facilitate early intervention with a new diagnostic and follow-up clinic for high-risk infants at BC Children’s Hospital (BCCH) and a knowledge translation project that aims to change current CP diagnosis practices in the community to encourage appropriate risk identification and early interventions, and a better family-centred experience.

Canadian Cerebral Palsy Registry
The Canadian Cerebral Palsy Registry is a multi-regional Canadian registry to identify potential risk factors related to pregnancy and interactions of the environment and genetics. The Registry provides researchers with the approximate number of children with cerebral palsy across Canada, and data in the Registry helps researchers explore reasons behind the causes of cerebral palsy, in addition to supporting studies which may lead to improvements in the overall care of children with CP.

Developing Screen-Time Guidelines and Interventions for Parents and Clinicians of Children with Autism
The purpose of the study is to develop evidence-based screen time guidelines for children and youth with ASD. The need arose from focus groups with clinicians and parents around BC who noted the lack of resources that were tailored for children and youth with ASD. The study team aims to fill this important gap to help parents and caregivers guide screen time usage for their children.


Michael Smith Health Research Convening and Collaborating Program 2021

Honours & Awards

Runner-Up Best Fellow Research Paper - Pediatric Research Day, BC Children’s Hospital, UBC, 2022

Jennie Panitch Beckow Memorial Scholarship, the Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal, 2021

Best Research Poster - Pediatric Research Day, BC Children’s Hospital, UBC, 2021

Excellent Resident - Best Resident in Pediatrics, Ministry of Health and Assaf Harofeh Medical Center, TAU, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 2015

Excellence in Teaching - "Best tutor in pediatrics" New York Program, TAU, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 2015

Research Group Members

Chetna Jetha, Occupational Therapist
Carol Lai, Project Manager, Neuromotor
Vivian Wong, Research Coordinator