My research aim is to understand the long-term outcomes of children who need neonatal intensive care, the predictors and exposures that influence these outcomes, and ultimately the modifiable factors that can improve health and developmental outcomes. By identifying strategies to better protect the vulnerable developing brain of these infants, my goal is to improve their care and help each of them live to their fullest potential.


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Feasibility and reliability of applying Prechtl’s Assessment of General Movements for preterm infants through telemedicine
Early identification of neurodevelopmental impairment allows for targeted early interventions that may ultimately improve developmental trajectories. I co-lead an ongoing clinical research study at University of California, Davis comparing standard video review versus real-time telemedicine assessment of Prechtl’s general movements, a validated tool to identify infants at high risk of cerebral palsy in the first months of life. Our work is funded by a grant from the Children’s Miracle Network. By testing the ability to capture recordings through telemedicine, we hope to expand the reach of Prechtl’s assessment to patients who live in remote communities and improve access to early identification of cerebral palsy, thereby improving functional outcomes.


Children’s Miracle Network Grant

Grand Challenges Canada Stars in Global Health

Honours & Awards

Sommer Scholar, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Class of 2015

Neonatal Resuscitation Program Young Investigator Award, 2013