My primary interest focuses on advancing healthy development and health care among children in low resource settings, primarily East Africa and South Asia.


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An Integrated Toolkit to Save Newborn Lives and Brains in Kenya
This project explores the impact of a toolkit for newborn care and/or a third trimester newborn stimulation messaging package delivered by community health workers on infant developmental outcomes at 12-months of age, compared to infants’ whose mothers received existing standard of care.

Child Disability and Family-Centered Care in East Africa
A newly established Eastern Africa Association of Child Disability (EAACD) within the International Alliance of Academies of Child Disability (IAACD) is working to promote a common global standard of practice for children with disabilities, disseminate evidence-based information, foster local networks to implement best practice and support multi-disciplinary and family-centered practice.

Academic Health Systems in Low Resource Settings
The work is exploring ways to advance the benefits of academic health systems in research, education, and clinical service within low resource settings.

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