In a recently-funded study I am currently studying the effect of behavioural treatment on selective mutism, a childhood anxiety disorder in which children speak comfortably in certain situations but are unable to speak or have very limited speech in other situations such as school. I am also studying the psychosocial characteristics of youth with concurrent mental health and substance use disorders. Specifically, I am investigating the relationships between post-traumatic stress disorder, emotional dysregulation, and substance misuse. I am also investigating youths' attachment to caregivers and experiences being parented. Youth with concurrent disorders have high rates of trauma and other adverse experiences; yet research lags in understanding this vulnerable population. I am also examining cigarette smoking in the youth concurrent disorders population. Rates of cigarette smoking in this population vastly exceed rates in the general population; yet virtually no research has examined the patterns and correlates of these youths' smoking, or their interest in help to quit smoking.


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Research Group Members

Sarah Anderson, Psychologist, Child Inpatient Psychiatry, BC Children's Hospital