How to improve pain management in children and the experience of children coming for surgery.


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Current Projects
1. Home Regional Catheter programe for ACL repair: Developed a home regional catheter programe for ACL transforming into daycase surgery with reduced opioid consumption

2. Anesthesia spring effect of dexmedetomdine: Total Intravenous anesthesia sparing effects of dexmedetomidine bolus

3. Programmed intermittent epidural bolus in pediatric epidural anlagesia: Evaluating the safety and comfort in epidural anesthesia by intermittent bolus rather than continuous infusion

4. Pain prediction Study

5. Improving length of stay and comfort in patients undergoing NUSS bar

6. Using HFNC airway free anesthesia for neonates with ROP undergoing laser

Research Group Members

Samantha Pang
Bianca Vizcaino, Clinical Research Coordinator