My primary area of research is in medical education and physician wellness, investigating systemic changes and interventions that may affect resident and staff physician wellness and resilience. My research helps support my work as a clinical educator in the Division of Adolescent Health and Medicine. I also conduct clinical research within vulnerable and marginalized populations, including refugee and migrant youth and youth who identify as LGBTQ.


Medical Education and Physician Wellness
I am currently looking at the effect of Balint groups on resident physician sense of self-efficacy and self-regulation, which is a component of the CanMEDS Professional role. This project is currently being expanded to staff physicians as well. I am also supervising a resident quality improvement project looking at increasing the completion of work-based assessments for pediatric resident physicians on CTU.

Vulnerable Populations
I am am concluding a qualitative case study investigating the perspectives of homeless refugee youth and staff at a shelter in Toronto on what they feel are contributing factors to the youth's mental health and resilience. I am also supervising a resident research project surveying Canadian pediatricians' perspectives on their comfort level providing care to trans-identified and gender variant youth.

Research Group Members

Elias Abou-Assaly, Psychometrist
Charlotte Aitken, Research Assistant
Arianne Albert, Senior Biostatistician
Valerie Alley, Administrative Assistant, Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Verna Ang, lab Technologist
Tara Azizi, Social Work Student
Tanya Bajwa
Arielle Beauchesne, Pharmacy Resident
Catherine Binda, Co-op Student
Liz Brant, Director, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology
Christene Buchanan, Professional Practice Coordinator, Social Work
Tanya Burke, Team Lead
Sarah Burnell, Social Student
Melinda Carrier, Team Lead, Laboratory Genetics
Judy Chavez, Admin Secretary
Ivor Chee
Nicole Cheung, Program Coordinator
Benetta Chin, Physician
Yuhsin Chu, CO-OP Student
Winnie Chung, Psychologist
Joanna Chung, Psychologist
Christy Cline, Technologist
Jake Cosme, Clinical Biochemist
Tom Coules, Senior Administration Assistant
Claire Crawford, Senior Administrative Assistant
Arlene Cristall, Provincial Lead for Shapedown BC
Geoffrey Cundiff, Professor & Head UBC Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Taylor Davis, Clinical Trainee
Heather Dempsey, Administrative Assistant
Jianru Deng, Research Assistant
Kathryn Dewar, Senior Research Manager
Linda Dix-Cooper, Perinatal Environmental Health Scientist & Data Evaluation Specialist
Damian Duffy, Executive Director, OPSEI
Edward Vincent Elgincolin
Sana Fakih, Provincial Lead, Early Years Health & Wellness
Jaime Fernando, Research Asst/Tech 1
Catherine Gai, Project Assistant
Jo Gandham, Social Work Student
Meghan Garner, Fellow
Randall Gillis, Clinical Psychologist
Oona Graham, Technologist
Chloe Gregg, Admin Coordinator, Ophthalmology
Sarah Gustin, Program Manager
Mack Hardy, Contractor
Jess Hasker, Grants Assistant
Stephanie Huang, Student Assistant, Finance
Elizabeth Hui, Research Asst/Tech 3
Lekha Ilibe-Vidanelage
Twinky Ip, Neonatology MD Admin
John Jacob, Senior Director, BC Children's Hospital, Head, BC Children's Digital Lab
Roop Johal, Social Worker
Michelle Kelsey, Laboratory Operations Manager
Hannah Kim, Work Learn Student
Dylan King, Program Manager
Sandy Klar, Clinical Psychologist
Louise Lee, Cytogenetics Technologist
Michelle Legaspi, Academic Coordinator, BC Children's Heart Centre
Tom Lemke, Summer Student
Carmen Leung, CRSU WorkLearn Student
Luke Li, Research Assistant, Database Programmer
Neville Li, Project Coordinator
Iris Liu, Project Coordinator
Daniel Liu, Co-op Student
Beryl Luk, Research Assistant/Technician, Answer Factory
Candy Luk, Technical Coordinator
Anna MacLellan, Research Coordinator, Brain, Behaviour & Development
Preet Mangat, Co-op Student
Kim Marty, Data Manager
Tracey Mason, Administrative Assistant
Rogel Matanguihan, Research Asst/Tech 1
Julie Matheson, Clinical Research Coordinator
Virginia McConchie, Social Worker
Tamara Meixner, Psychology Resident
Holly Mikesh, Social Worker:Social Worker
Marla Milrad
Glory Mogas, Administrative Assistant
Aine Mooney, Social Worker
Jovenal Morales, Research Asst/Tech 1
Saloni Mulani, Student Assistant, Research Education and Services
Ashika Narayan, Administrator
Paige Naughton, MSW Student
Kimberly Nguyen, Co-op Student
Christine Oriel, Administrative Assistant
Hardip Panglee Mangat, Administrative Assistant
Amy Pezzente, Eating Disorders Project Manager
Melissa Pickett, Social Worker:Social Worker
Katie Plain, Patient Family Engagement Adviser
Christal Prebushewski, Clerk
Jessica Que, Research Student
Scott Ramsay, Doctoral Student, Registered Nurse
Nicola Rose
Andrea Ryce, Clinical Librarian, Child Development & Rehabilitation Evidence Centre Information Specialist, New Knowledge & Innovation
Blake Sandery, Clinical Nephrology Fellow, Clinical Fellow
Kelly Saran, Clinical Assistant Professor
Pam Saran, Social Work Administrator
Sharon Saranchuk, Technical Coordinator
Zoe Schwartz, Social Worker
Lorna Simms, Project Coordinator
Laurie Smith, Research Program and Project Manager
Alice So, Division Administrative Supervisor
Bao Ping Song, Histology Core Facility Technician, Histology Core Facility Technician
Tara Tandan, Clinical Instructor
Siqi Tao, Co-op Student
Siu-Imm Tay, Cytogenetics Technologist
Greg Tearle
Melody Tsai, Co-op Student
Anna Tse, Co-Op Student
Natalie Twohey, Senior Program Assistant
Renee Unruh, Social Work Secretary
Robyn Walker
Qing Wang, Research Asst/Tech 2
Christina Wong
Lisa Wong, Administrative Secretary, Endocrine and Diabetes
Willie Xue, Cytogenetics Technologist
Claire Yambao, Program Coordinator
Ryan Yan, Clinical Trainee
Will Yue, Stores Manager
Eric Yue, Medical Technologist
Michelle Zhou, Medical Lab Tech
Edward Zhu
Irena Zivkovic, Program Coordinator