My research relates generally to the improvement of drug therapy with a particular emphasis on children and youth. I study the efficacy of innovative therapies and the toxicity associated with drug therapy. My work in recent years has concentrated on the use of research data to support decision-making in drug policy. I work closely with government decision makers and with leaders in international health. I currently hold research funding supporting studies of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, pediatric drug safety and policy research.


Environmental health research
I am part of a team, supported by Health Canada, engaged in comparing legislative approaches in ECD countries designed to protect children at risk from environmental hazards. The team is seeking out government instruments that may be applicable in Canada and that may offer protection from biological hazards, built hazards, or natural hazards.

Drug safety research
I am engaged with studies of pharmacogenomic determinants of adverse drug reactions in children. This project, funded by Genome Canada, includes the establishment of a pan-Canadian surveillance system for the detection of adverse drug reactions in children and adolescents. Follow-up studies will determine the pharmacogenomic influence on adverse reactions including variation in absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion. Genomic analysis will also permit the search for biomarkers of abnormal drug effect leading to life-threatening reactions.

Drug policy research
I am actively engaged with co-investigators in British Columbia, other provinces, and internationally in several studies aimed at improving drug therapy for children. This research features a population-based approach that uses the study of health outcomes and health economics to support optimal decision-making around drug therapy.

Systems research to improve chronic disease management and prevention
The study of innovative pharmaceutical policy in British Columbia, featuring the assessment of policy changes on pharmaceutical outcomes
Studies of fetal alcohol syndrome
Studies of the impact of reimbursement policy on the emergence of antibiotic resistance.

Honours & Awards

CIHR Knowledge Translation Award - 2013

Chair of the Expert Panel on the State of Therapeutic Products for Children - Council of Canadian Academies

Fellow, Canadian Academy of Health Sciences - 2005