Our principal investigators, co-investigators, staff, trainees, contributing members, collaborators, and supporting groups. The entire team plays a critical role ensuring our research projects are well developed and carried out safely.

A big thank you to the department and supporting groups who provide resources and funding to help us create first-class research.

Principal Investigators

Dr. James Chen


Dr. Michael Barker
Dr. Katherine Lanigan
Dr. Mary-Claire Simmonds
Dr. Nigel Barker
Dr. Myles Cassidy
Dr. Natasha Broemling
Kathleen Duddy, NP


Steffanie Fisher

Clinical Research Manager

Bianca Vizcaino

Clinical Research Coordinator

Nick West

Research Coordinator


Dr. Rory Blackler

Pediatric Anesthesia Fellow

Dr. Victoria Buswell

Pediatric Anesthesia Fellow

Dr. Anna Ratcliffe

Pediatric Anesthesia Fellow

Dr. Nancy Wang

Pediatric Anesthesia Fellow

Jessica Luo

Co-op Student

McKenna Postles

Co-op Student

Contributing Members

Dr. Andrew Morrison
Dr. Yvonne Csanyi-Fritz


Dr. Caitlin Gallagher


Procedures Care Team
Radiology Care Team
The Motion Lab Team