The last decade has seen an unprecedented explosion of data. In medicine, data are increasingly being generated and linked across electronic health records, administrative databases, and biobanked samples. These resources hold tremendous promise for improving human health and achieving precision medicine, which will only be realized by thoughtful study designs and innovative analyses.

My lab uses novel computational methods grounded in genetic epidemiology and statistical genetics to capitalize on today’s big data resources. We aim to understand how genetic and epigenetic differences between people contribute to variation in disease susceptibility, response to treatment, and recovery. A primary goal of our research is to reduce the suffering associated with psychiatric disorders, many of which first manifest in childhood and adolescence. We conduct studies in large population datasets, with a major interest in electronic health records and biobanks, and we work at the intersection of genetics, epidemiology, statistics, bioinformatics, and computer science.


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Genetic and Pre-Injury Risk Factors for Prolonged Recovery after Traumatic Brain Injury
Post-concussion syndrome (PCS) is a constellation of emotional, somatic, and cognitive symptoms that persist months after a mild traumatic brain injury. PCS affects 10-40% of the six in 1,000 people who sustain a mild traumatic brain injury each year, and hampers return to pre-injury activities. The etiology of PCS likely includes both psychiatric and neurological contributions, but most studies of PCS have studied few patients and risk factors, and no genetic study of PCS exists. This project leverages a large repository of electronic health records (EHRs) linked to DNA samples to: (1) design and validate a PCS case-control selection strategy using structured and unstructured data in EHRs; (2) identify pre-injury clinical diagnoses associated with PCS risk; and (3) measure associations between PCS risk and polygenic scores for neuropsychiatric traits previously associated with head injuries. Our research is affording unprecedented opportunities to characterize the mechanisms of traumatic brain injury recovery, and results could play an essential role in developing personalized therapies for PCS sufferers.

Research Group Members

Daniil Belikau, Undergraduate Research Student
Graham Boucher, Data Analyst:Data Analyst