Join the Lavoie Lab!

The Lavoie Lab is located at the BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute, affiliated with the University of British Columbia and Women’s Health Research Institute, Vancouver, Canada. Our current research includes the following projects:

  1. A system’s immunology “neonatomics” approach to study the development of the human immune system before and shortly after birth, 
  2. The development of natural immune responses to respiratory syncytial and influenza viruses during the first year of life. 
  3. How genetic polymorphisms modulate susceptibility to bronchopulmonary dysplasia in premature infants
  4. The use of next-generation sequencing to determine the incidence of neonatal sepsis in Malawi, and to optimize diagnostic “apps”
  5. How inflammation affect neonatal outcomes in premature infants

The following positions are currently available:

  • Lab Manager
  • Graduate student (PhD or Master level who intends to transition to a PhD)
  • Post-doctoral fellow

Interested qualified candidates should submit their application (Cover Letter and Full CV/Resume) to

Updated Aug 1, 2019