Frequently asked questions

Who can use the facilities?
Anyone can have sample analysis performed by the core facility. ACMaN will make efforts to prioritize BC Children's Hospital investigators work.

Where is the lab located?
The core facility is in the Variety Building of BC Children's Hospital Research Institute in rooms 101, 171, 178 and 179.

What if the compound I want analyzed is not shown in the services list?
Please inquire. The core facility may be able to develop an appropriate assay for your compound of interest or we may know another lab that is able to do the work.

Will the core facility allow my students to use the instrumentation?
No. Students are welcome to be involved in order to learn the technologies, understand the process and do any sample preparation required, but the core facility staff will operate the equipment.

What is metabolomics?
Metabolomics is a large-scale study of small molecules in a biological system such as blood, cells or organisms such as bacteria, and can be targeted to a specific group of compounds or biochemical pathway, or can be untargeted for analysis of all detectable compounds.

What type of samples can be analyzed?
Most sample types can be used: Samples can be plasma, serum, tissues, milk or foodstuff.

How much plasma is required for each assay?
This will depend on the technology used. The Architect requires 75-200ul depending on the analyte. HPLC-MS may require as little as 20ul depending on the analyte.

Can the core facility purify my compound of interest?
We have the ability to purify and concentrate compounds of interest but it will depend on the type of compound—please inquire.

What is the cost per sample?
Please inquire. It will depend on the type of analyte and the type of technology used.