As part of an inter-disciplinary team of engineers, computer scientists, and health care providers, I am involved in a wide range of projects focusing on the development and application of new technology, primarily in the pediatric anesthesia and intensive care setting. My main goal is to extract clinically-useful information from vital signs and other clinical data, and to transform these data into information for better, more timely, and more efficient decision-making by clinicians.


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VitalPAD: an intelligent monitoring and communication device to optimize safety in the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU)
The goal is to develop a unified, portable and intelligent device that integrates information from multiple patient monitors, mechanical ventilators, infusion pumps and clinical information systems. It will allow PICU healthcare team members, on or off-site, to monitor critically ill patients continuously. The project involves two components: a) We will use feedback obtained in a participatory design process to guide the development of the VitalPAD, and b) We will use simulated ICU scenarios, to evaluate whether clinicians will prioritize the care of critically ill patients more rapidly and more accurately with the use of VitalPAD than without it.

Sepsis modeling and outcome prediction
Severe sepsis and septic shock are associated with a high burden of morbidity and mortality among critically ill children. Through improvements in supportive care, secular trends reveal a gradual decline in mortality. In collaboration with our critical care colleagues, our goal is to use a large North-American registry cohort to validate and compare the performance of existing risk score, identify new combinations of risk factors, and to develop novel outcome prediction tools.

Automated intravenous anesthesia delivery to improve outcomes
As a highly experienced, interdisciplinary team of engineers and clinician-scientists, we have developed a system that automatically adjusts drug dosing. It does so by comparing feedback on anesthesia depth, using processed electrical activity from the patient's brain to a clinician-selected target. By administering the right amount of anesthesia drugs to patients, it minimizes side effects of these drugs, and allows clinicians to focus on optimizing patient safety through complex, high-level decision making. We are currently evaluating the performance of this system during general anesthesia for both adults and children. Future work includes expanding this work towards other users, such as nurses, and settings, such as intensive care unit sedation.


2016-07, Project Grant, Canadian Institutes of Health Research

2016-04, Residents' Research Grant [PI: Terri Sun], Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society

2017-03, Evidence to Innovation Seed Grant, BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute (BCCHR)

2018-03, Evidence to Innovation Seed Grant, BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute (BCCHR)

2018-06, Designing for People (DFP) Project Origination Fund, University of British Columbia

Honours & Awards

2018-06, DFP Design Showcase Unicorn award. [KT Johnson presented the work], Designing for People – Human Computer Interaction @ UBC Initiative

2017-05, 2017 Abstract Scholarship award. [C Peters presented the work], American Thoracic Society

2018-05, 2nd place - Poster Presentations. [R Ridgeway presented the work], Anesthesiology Pharmacology & Therapeutics Research Day, University of British Columbia

2018-01, Best Clinical Application Award. [D Dunsmuir presented the work], Society for Technology in Anesthesia

2017-09, Research Day 2017 Award of Excellence - Outstanding Research Poster Presentation [KT Johnson presented the work], Evidence to Innovation Theme, BC Children's Hospital Research Institute

2018-01, Best of Show Award. [K Allen and I co-presented the work], Society for Technology in Anesthesia

Research Group Members

Nicholas West
Cynthia Liu
Luisa Flohr
Jasper Yoo, Project Assistant
Andrew Poznikoff, Clinical Research Coordinator
Rosa Hillgruber
Celine Hügel
Niema Ghanad Poor
Taneille Johnson