As a clinician-scientist, my main research focus is on understanding why newborns are vulnerable to infection.

I conduct translational research that integrates clinical and lab-based research methodologies including human immunology & molecular biology research, “-omics”/bioinformatics, epidemiology and clinical/interventional studies.

As a neonatologist, I also spend part of my time providing medical care to newborns admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit at the BC Women’s Hospital.


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Editor’s Focus
Pediatric Research
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Innate and adaptive immune defences in human neonates across development
This research aims to study of the development of the immune system in humans before and shortly at birth. We create and employ miniaturized immunoassays to characterize immunological responses in infants from 24 weeks of gestation at birth, until the first year. We employ molecular and cell-based approaches such as systems level transcriptomics and single-cell flow cytometry to understand how immune phenotypes link to health outcomes in these populations. Our studies in this area currently focus on neonatal sepsis, innate immunity, CD4 T cell differentiation, COVID-19 and respiratory syncytial virus antibody responses.

Anti-inflamatory treatment for bronchopulmonary dysplasia
We are one of the leading centres of the CIHR-funded MOBYDICK Canadian multi-centre randomized clinical trial to determine whether maternal omega-3 supplementation effectively reduces bronchopulmonary dysplasia in very preterm infants.

Serological responses to COVID-19
With the recent SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, we moved into projects aiming at understanding antibody immunity against this virus at the population level, in infants but also healthy adults. Check out our two ongoing studies by visiting the links below:




Canadian COVID-19 Immunity Task Force (Public Health Agency of Canada) - “Tracking COVID to Inform Interventions and Help Make our Schools Safer” (2021)

Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies - "VitalVideo: Early identification of critically ill infants using video monitoring" (2019-2021)

Gates Foundation - Global Grand Challenges - "Improving Diagnosis of Sepsis in Young Infants in Africa: Are We Using Antibiotics Appropriately?" (2019-2020)

Women's Health Research Institute - "BC Women's Preemie Biobank" (2019)

Healthy Starts Catalyst Grant - "Single-cell analysis of immune cells during fetal ontogeny" (2018-2019)

BCCHRI Healthy Starts Theme Catalyst Grant - "An in vitro neonatal gut model to understand necrotizing enterocolitis" (2020-2021)

National Institutes of Health - "Omics analysis of innate immunity in preterm infants in response to natural flu infection and influenza vaccination" (2018-2020)

CIHR Project Grant - "Metabolic regulation of immune defenses in newborns" (2019-2024)

Grand Challenges Canada - "Improving the early diagnosis of neonatal sepsis in Malawi" (2017-2019)

CIHR Operating Grant – "Maternal Omega-3 supplementation to reduce Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia in very Preterm Infants" (2014-2019 - extended until 2021)

Honours & Awards

BC Children's Hospital Investigator Grant Award Program (IGAP) - 2014 - 2023

CFRI Clinician-Scientist Award – 2008-2013

Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research – Career Investigator Award – 2011-2019

Research Group Members

Bahaa Abu Raya, Postdoctoral Fellow
Esther Alonso, NICU Research Program Manager, PhD
Cheuk Au, research assistant
Lisa-Marie Candeias, Administrative Assistant
Claire Cheung
Liam Golding
Rujun Kang, Research Assistant/Lab Technician Level 4
azita Kang, Clinic nurse
Alexanne Lavoie
Ying Jie Li, Spring and summer student
Eugene Linetskyi, Research Assistant
Abdelilah Majdoubi, Postdoctoral Fellow
Tisha Montgomery, Research Assistant
Lauren Muttucomaroe, Research Coordinator
Laura Muñoz, Diagnostic and Screening Coordinator at Copeman Healthcare
Bethany Poon, Research Assistant
Constantin Radu Popescu, Doctoral Student , Doctoral Student
Martin Prusinkiewicz, Trainee
Naama Rozen, NICU Research Manager
Zohreh Sharafian, Research Assistant
Jacob Shew, coop student
Marina Vineta, Graduate Research Assistant
Allison Watts
Oscar Xu