Study Information

Co-Principal Investigators:  Dr. Kate Chipperfield and Dr. Vilte Barakauskas  

Primary Contact:  Ashton Ellis, 604-875-2000, x6423,

About the study:  Laboratory tests are often used by doctors to help diagnose medical concerns. Care providers interpret test results by comparing a patient’s results to the results of a healthy population with similar characteristics, but there is limited information on what normal lab results are like in newborns and in mothers following childbirth. Researchers at UBC and BC Women’s Hospital are studying healthy women and their newborns just after delivery to develop a guide to help health care providers interpret lab test results.
Why is this research important?  This study will help researchers at UBC and Children’s & Women’s Health Centre of BC to create a guide for interpreting lab test results specifically for newborns and mothers just after delivery.  This will help health professionals identify and manage health problems that could impact moms and babies.

Study status: Recruiting. Click here to register your interest in participating.

Who can participate?   
Women delivering at BC Women’s Hospital may participate if they meet the following criteria:

  • Age 19 to 45 years
  • Healthy with a low-risk pregnancy
  • Expecting one baby, with no known medical conditions
  • Not smoking during pregnancy
  • Estimated delivery date before July 2021

What’s required?

  • Medical history questionnaire
  • Blood sample taken from mom after childbirth
  • Blood sample taken from baby (with routine tests; no extra poke required)
  • 5 minute follow-up phone call or online survey

In total, this study may take up to 40 - 60 minutes of your time

Dr. Wee-Shian Chan, Dr. Robert Everett, Dr. Horacio Osiovich, Dr. Suzanne Vercauteren, Dr. John Wu

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