Our story

The Vaccine Evaluation Center (VEC) is Canada’s first academic center for independent vaccine research and an international leader in vaccinology research. The Center is jointly supported by BC Children's Hospital Research Institute and the University of British Columbia and has close affiliations with other immunization and public health researchers in British Columbia, across Canada and internationally.

Since 1988, the VEC has conducted a wide range of vaccine research and evaluation projects. The team is made up of faculty, staff and students with experience in public health, pediatrics, infectious diseases, immunology, laboratory research, data management and study design. The Center’s research projects span across the age spectrum and include laboratory science, clinical trials, epidemiologic studies, social sciences, program implementation and surveillance.

Our Vision

A world without vaccine-preventable diseases.

Our Mission

We lead high quality, independent vaccine research to inform safe, effective and trusted immunization programs for all.

Working autonomously from government and industry, we advance vaccine knowledge across all age groups through translational vaccine research, including laboratory science, clinical trials, epidemiologic studies, program implementation and surveillance. Our research and evaluation supports evidence-based decision-making and immunization programs that improve the overall health of communities.

Our Values


We lead vaccine research across Canada and internationally. We build the capacity of future researchers and the public’s trust in vaccines. Our work informs evidence-based decision-making and creates stronger, more effective immunization programs.

Independently collaborative

We are an independent academic center that collaborates with a variety of partners, including patients and community members, public health, industry, and government. Our investigators receive no personal income from research projects. This means we are able to conduct relevant research and evaluation that informs the best health and program outcomes. It also means we are able to ask the research questions others are not able to ask and freely share findings without concern for profit or intellectual property.

Equity, inclusion and belonging

We recognize vaccine-preventable diseases disproportionately impact some populations and many voices have been missing from vaccine research. We center equity, inclusion and belonging in all aspects of our work, including the hiring and retention of staff, faculty and students, the research questions we ask and approaches we take as well as the knowledge we advance and its accessibility.

Scientific rigour

We use robust scientific approaches to ensure unbiased study design, analysis and findings. We believe high quality vaccine research and evaluation is essential for safe, effective and trusted immunization programs.

Continued learning

We constantly learn through collaboration with other researchers, healthcare providers, parents, children and the community. We are open to new ideas and approaches. We prioritize the training of highly competent health professionals, students and researchers so their expertise will contribute to disease prevention in Canada and internationally.

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