MRI SimulatorThe BC Children's Hospital MRI Research Facility houses a 3T GE Discovery MR750 3.0 Tesla MRI scanner for functional MRI, structural MRI and spectroscopy. The current scanner software version is DV26.0_R03 . 

The MRI Research Facility also features a child-friendly MRI simulator, which replicates the MRI environment and allows research subjects/patients to experience a simulated MRI scan prior to undergoing their research scan.

Other equipment includes:

  • Response Systems
    Nordic Neurolab Response System
    FORP response system
  • Visual Presentation Systems
    NNL goggles
  • Audio Presentation Systems
    MR Avotac audio system
    MRI Confon audio system
  • Various MR coils, including head, hip, and body coils
  • Infant Scanning Technologies
    MR-compatible incubator
  • Simultaneous Scanning Technologies
    Dense array simultaneous EEG-fMRI
    Simultaneous fNIRS-fMRI