Before a research study can begin at the BCCH MRI Research Facility, an application made by a PI must be reviewed and approved by the Protocol Review Committee. Committee members have a common interest in MR research, and volunteer their time and expertise to ensure that all MR proposals are given a thorough review to determine the feasibility and suitability of each study protocol, ensure that necessary resources are available, safety concerns are addressed, and costs assessed.

All investigators are required to submit an MRI Protocol Proposal form to initiate this review process, which should be submitted via email. This form requires a brief description of the project, a detailed MR sequence protocol, and details on funding and Ethics approval. Scans may only be acquired for projects which have BCCH or related ethics approval.

BCCH MRI Research Facility Protocol Review Committee:

  • Dr. Donna Lang, Chair
  • Dr. Bruce Bjornson
  • Steffany Ellingham
  • Dr. Debbie Giaschi
  • Michelle Lau
  • Dr. Vesna Popovska
  • Dr. San Xiang

All research team members who would like to enter the BCCH MRI Research Facility must:

  1. Review our General Safety Policy
  2. Complete the MRI Safety Level 1 course on Learning Hub ( and submit their certificate to
  3. Review the MRI Screening Form

Please note that anyone entering the BCCH MRI Research Facility will be asked to use hand sanitizer and wear a mask, as per current hospital site guidelines.