Our study is a collaboration between the University of British of Columbia, BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute, the Vancouver School Board district, and Vancouver Coastal Health. This research is funded by the Government of Canada via its COVID-19 Immunity Task Force.

Pascal Lavoie

MD, PhD, Co-Principal Investigator

Pascal is a physician at the BC Children’s & Women’s Health Centre and researcher at the BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute. His research is focused on understanding immunity to infections in populations from newborns to adults.

Fun fact: I like water sports. At a younger age, I used to do windsurfing, scuba diving (my father is a professional scuba diver), played water polo, swam competitively, and even played underwater hockey for over 15 years. Now, I am more "quiet" — enjoying occasional catamaran sailing for fun with my children once in a while off Jericho Beach. 

Louise Mâsse

PhD, Co-Principal Investigator 

Louise is a researcher in the School of Population and Public Health at UBC and BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute. Her research is focused on understanding health behavior change and physical activity promotion, particularly in the school setting. 

Fun fact: While I don't like the snow in the city, I still think it is awesome to be on the mountains in the winter and enjoy the winter sports.

Allison Watts

PhD, Project Manager

Allison received her PhD in Epidemiology from UBC. Her research interests include understanding nutrition behaviors and determinants of health behavior change from adolescence to adulthood.

Fun fact: I enjoy trail running or cross-country skiing on the North Shore mountains and discovering good coffee shops to refuel afterwards.

Else Bosman

PhD, Data Manager

Else received her PhD in Experimental Medicine at UBC after she finished her MSc in the Netherlands. Her research interests are focused on how vitamin D and UVB light are able to influence gut health.

Fun fact: I am often active in the BC backcountry. When I have the chance, I love to explore in the mountains or go on long bike tours. 

Lauren Muttucomaroe

BSc, Research Coordinator

Lauren has completed her bachelor’s degree in Biology with a minor in Psychology at UBC, and she loves knowledge translation and interacting with participants. She is planning to pursue a master’s degree in public health to further her career in the Healthcare and Research fields.

Fun fact: I was a competitive swimmer for 10 years and at my peak used to train 30-35 hours per week!

Sarah Hutchison

PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow

Sarah received her PhD in Psychology from the University of Victoria. Her research interests include understanding the role of mental health in maternal and child health.

Fun fact: I lived in Hong Kong for 5 months during a semester abroad and I enjoy hiking in different countries and in North Van on the weekends.

David Goldfarb

MD, Co-Investigator 

David is a microbiologist at BC Children’s Hospital and leads provincial testing using the newly implemented mouth and gargle viral testing for COVID-19 in schools in BC.

Vilte Barakauskas

PhD, Co-Investigator 

Vilte is a clinical biochemist at the BC Children’s & Women’s Health Centre where she supervises the basic serology testing of participants in this study.


Brian Grunau, MD, Co-Investigator
Julie Bettinger, PhD, Co-Investigator
Daniel Coombs, PhD, Co-Investigator
Guy Dumont, PhD, Co-Investigator
Michael Irvine, PhD, Co-Investigator
Agatha Jassem, PhD, Co-Investigator
Tim Oberlander, MD, Co-Investigator
Eva Oberle, PhD, Co-Investigator
Manish Sadarangani, PhD, Co-Investigator

Advanced Immunology Testing Team

Abdelilah Majdoubi (postdoc)
Christina Michalski (PhD)
Liam Golding (MSc)
Claire Cheung (undergraduate)
Frederic Reicherz (postdoc)