OCT – Transplant Registry
Collects information from pictures taken of the inside of blood vessels, using a type of imaging called Optical Coherence Tomography, in children who have received a cardiac transplant. When all the information from different places around the world we will know more about the health of blood vessels in children who have a transplanted heart.

  • Who can participate?
    Boys and girls who have received a heart transplant and will be having a routine screening cardiac catheterization including OCT imaging at BC Children’s Hospital.

SEARCH: Study Evaluating Adolescents for Risk factors associated with Cardiovascular Health
A questionnaire study to evaluate cardiac risk factors and lifestyle choices including diet and physical activity in teens with and without congenital heart disease and their parents.

  • Who can participate? 
    Boys and girls 8-19 years old with a cardiac diagnosis or a healthy heart, who are able to answer questions about their physical activity and lifestyle habits.

Please contact us at cardioresearch@bcchr.ca or 604-875-2345 (ext. 6186) for more information, or if you think you or your child might be interested in participating!