Canadian Preschool Peanut OIT (CPP-OIT) Research Collaboration and Registry

The CPP-OIT registry was founded in 2017 with the goal of studying and implementing peanut OIT in real patients, outside of clinical trials. The registry began with a small number of preschool patients,0-5 years of age, offered peanut OIT. Over the years, the number of patients offered OIT to peanut, as well as other foods like tree nuts, sesame, and others, has skyrocketed, and the registry now contains data on almost 2,500 patients and growing. The CPP-OIT group has published numerous papers on safety and effectiveness of OIT, as well as protocols, patient flowsheets, and more, so that other allergists can offer OIT in their community practice with ease. We are currently working on publications describing psychosocial outcomes of patients undergoing OIT, as well as a new study to understand long term adherence to OIT. Our group continues to grow each year with members representing most of the Canadian provinces, as well as a growing number of international collaborators from Hong Kong, Denmark, and United Arab Emirates.

The VITESSE study is currently enrolling participants!

If your child is between 4 and 7 years of age, and has been diagnosed with a peanut allergy but has never received treatment, please click on the button below for more information about the trial.

VITESSE study fact sheet

This study is a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized phase III trial to study the efficacy and safety of peanut skin patch immunotherapy with Viaskin® Peanut in peanut-allergic children 4-7 years of age.