Impairment Measure for Parental Food Allergy-Associated Anxiety and Coping Tool (IMPAACT): A Screening Tool and Scoring for Parental Anxiety

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IMPAACT for parents of children with IgE-mediated food allergy

IMPAACT for parents of children with FPIES

VanPsych group of mental health professionals

Dr. Jennifer Tong, a family physician with enhanced skills training in mental health, offers CBT and DBT skills-based therapy and support to families managing allergies. Please ask your primary care provider to send a referral to the VanPsych office using the clinic referral form (for the question "What are your primary concerns?" please ask them to note that it is a referral to Dr. Jennifer Tong and related to food allergy concerns).

Referral form

Bernadette Amiscaray: Registered Clinical Counsellor

Bernadette Amiscaray offers support and counselling to parents with children who have potentially life-threatening allergies.