Video recording from the 2021 conference

The Global Health Conference 2021 was an event for global health researchers, students and organizations to come together and explore the impacts of COVID-19 on child health.

Videos from the 2020 conference

Tim Evans: Tim Evans (Director and Associate Dean of McGill's School of Population and Global Health) presented on the role of health workers in creating resilient and responsive health systems. 



Panel 1: The first panel discussion on equity in the global health workforce along the continuum of care. The panelists were Angeli Rawat, Elizabeth Saewyc, Dorothy Shaw and Padma Venkatasubbu moderated by Tim Evans.


Stephen Keynote: Stephen Rulisa (Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology and former Dean of the School of Medicine and Pharmacy at the University of Rwanda) presented on the sustainability of Human Resources for Health (HRH) program in Rwanda.


Panel 2:  The second panel discussion on Human Resources in the context of conflict and recovery. The panelists were Lynda Redwood-Campbell, Mohamed Ibrahim, Stephen Rulisa, Patricia Spittal and Meaghan Thumath; moderated by Simona Powell.