Funding Support

Research in the Levings Lab is partially funded by the following grants.

  1. US Dept of Defense: Engineering an effective CAR Treg combination therapy to control VCA rejection (2023)
  2. Stem Cell Network: Genetic engineering of hESC-derived insulin-producing cells to improve graft outcomes in type 1 diabetes (2023)
  3. CIHR Team Grant: Immunometabolism in diabetes: Harnessing metabolic crosstalk between islets and immune cells for therapy (2022)
  4. Stem Cell Network: Clinical trial of the first gene-edited cell replacement therapy for type 1 diabetes (2022)
  5. Public Health Agency of Canada: Understanding Immune Responses to SARS-CoV-2 Infection and Vaccination in Children Aged 5-11 years: Expansion of Existing CITF-Supported Pediatric Studies (2021)
  6. JDRF Canada: JDRF Centre of Excellence at UBC (2021)
  7. CIHR Team Grant: Allogeneic thymus-derived Tregs to prevent chronic inflammation in transplantation (2021)
  8. Wellcome Leap: Building immunity from stem cells for translational disease models (2021)
  9. CIHR-JDRF Team Grant: Generation of a functionally robust stem cell based therapy for type 1 diabetes (2021)
  10. Helmsley Trust: Engineering antigen-specific regulatory T cells for use in type 1 diabetes (2020)
  11. CIHR Team Grant - Human Immunology Initiative: Innate and adaptive immune regulation in human type 1 diabetes (2019)
  12. CIHR: Canadian autoimmunity standardization core (CAN-ASC) (2018)
  13. JDRF International: Harmonizing biomarkers in clinical trials of ustekinumab (2018)
  14. CIHR: Molecular and cellular biology of T regulatory cells (2017)
  15. Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS): Defining Phenotypic and Functional Alterations of Tissue Regulatory T Cells to Assist in the Identification of Novel Targets for Next-generation Therapies in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (2016)
  16. Takeda Canada: The Role of CD4+ T cell Subsets in the Mechanism of Action of Vedolizumab in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (2015)