A good start matters: Do supportive childcare centre environments, policies and practices enhance physical activity?

The resources in this section were created to support childcare providers in implementing the best practices for Active Play. The B.C. Director of Licensing created the Active Play Standards in 2016, and to support the implementation of these standards our team developed the Appetite to Play+ (ATP+) program. We have created this site to make the resources we developed available to childcare providers as part of the ATP+.  Please review the choices below to select the resources you wish to view and download.

1. Self-assessment tools
           a) Staff and manager – Are you meeting the best practices for Active Play?
           b) Manager – Are you supporting implementation?
           c) Manager – Monitor implementation
2. Useful tools
           a) Weekly schedule example
           b) Best practices for Active Play
           c) Task calendar for implementing the best practices for Active Play
3. Videos to support Active Play best practices
           a) Our YouTube channel
4. Useful websites
           a) Appetite to Play
           b) Appetite to Play – Activity Planner
           c) Active for Life website
           d) Tinkergarten
5. Active Play activities
           a) List of suggestions for Active Play activities
6. Download the training material
           a) Gain access to content covered in the ATP+ training module (coming soon)