Louise MasseDr. Louise Mâsse
Principal Investigator
Education: PhD (Measurement and Evaluation) – University of Ottawa; MSc (Kinanthropology) – University of Ottawa; BSc (Exercise Science) – Concordia University
Research Interests: Health behaviour change, health promotion theories, physical activity, obesity prevention and treatment, health measurement and psychometrics.
Fun facts: While I don't like the snow in the city, I still think it is awesome to be on the mountains in the winter and enjoy the winter sports.

Angelica Leon-ElizaldeAngelica Leon-Elizalde
Health Promotion Project Manager
Education: MSc (Population and Public Health) – University of British Columbia
Research Interests: Health promotion and chronic disease prevention.
Fun facts: I tend to spend too much time talking about my hyper dog. Any training advice would be most appreciated!

E. Jean BucklerE. Jean Buckler 
Health Promotion Project Manager
Education: PhD (Kinesiology) – University of British Columbia; MSc (Kinesiology) – Dalhousie University; BSc (Kinesiology) – University of Victoria
Research Interests: Health promotion – specifically the role of physical activity, fundamental movement skills, and physical literacy on health in the early years and adolescence.
Fun facts: I bike to work almost every day. I would rather ride in the Vancouver rains than take any other form of transportation.

Tomoko  McGaugheyTomoko McGaughey
Research Coordinator – HABITs
Education: BSc in Health Sciences (Population and Quantitative Health Sciences) – Simon Fraser University; MPH – University of British Columbia
Research Interests: Health Promotion and knowledge translation within a variety of populations including pediatrics and mental health.
Fun facts: When I’m not at work I volunteer with the SPCA as a dog-walker.

Julia TepesJulia Tepes
Research Coordinator
Education: BKin student (3rd year, interdisciplinary stream, Psychology minor) – University of British Columbia
Research Interests: Health behaviour at different periods of life, how social factors and upbringing influence health behaviour.
Fun facts: I love anything to do with the outdoors and/or cheesecake. 

Claire Tugault-LafleurClaire Tugault-Lafleur
Postdoctoral Fellow – A Good Start Matters! 
Education: PhD (Human Nutrition) – University of British Columbia; MA (Geography) – McGill University; BSc (Nutrition and Dietetics) – McGill University; BA (Environment and International Development Studies) – McGill University
Research Interests: Dietary and behavior change interventions targeting children and families, population-level dietary assessment, dietary survey data, school food nutrition, and dietary policy.
Fun facts: Travelling and tasting the most bizarre and most exotic fruit I can find.

Alysha DeslippeAlysha Deslippe 
Graduate Research Assistant
Education: BSc (Food, Nutrition and Health) – University of British Columbia; MSc student (Population and Public Health) – University of British Columbia
Research Interests: Understanding the preventative role nutrition can have in adolescent obesity. More specifically, the influence that home and social factors such as parenting practices have upon adolescent nutrition-related behaviours, self-efficacy and motivation.  
Fun facts: I have a golden retriever and a cat named Luka and Winnifred.

Olivia de Jongh G.Olivia de Jongh G.
Visiting PhD Candidate (Psychology) – Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City.
Education: MSc (Clinical Psychology) and BSc (Psychology) – Havana University, Cuba.
Research Interests: Childhood obesity, health behaviors change, parenting and child psychotherapy.
Fun facts: I have three dogs – one of them is Mexican and the other two are Cubans.

Iyoma EdacheIyoma Edache
Graduate Research Assistant 
Education: PhD student (Population and Public Health) – University of British Columbia; MSc (Exercise Science) – Concordia University; BSc (Human Kinetics) – University of Ottawa 
Research Interests: Health promotion, physical activity, health behaviour change, obesity prevention and treatment.
Fun facts: I was born in Abuja, Nigeria.

Julia Pei Julia Pei 
Directed Studies Student 
Education: Undergraduate Student (Integrated Sciences program; Physiological and Psychological Bases of Disease) – University of British Columbia 
Research Interests: I'm interested in understanding what motivates people to modify their health-related behaviors. 
Fun facts: In my spare time I love biking, rock climbing, baking quinoa-based cakes and cooking in my Instant Pot. 

Mark PlitbadoMark Pitblado
Research Coordinator
Education: BSc Student (4th Year, Microbiology and Immunology) – University of British Columbia
Research Interests: Improving healthcare equality by making treatments and knowledge more effective, affordable and accessible to all.
Fun facts: I really enjoy indoor cycling, swimming, and high intensity interval training.

Renmart BuhayRenmart Buhay
Health Promotion Coordinator 
Education: BSc Student (Biomedical Physiology) – Simon Fraser University
Research Interests: Cardiac physiology, public health, implementation science and knowledge translation.
Fun facts: I enjoy camping, hiking, breakdancing and making digital art.