About the Analytical Core for Metabolomics and Nutrition

The Analytical Core for Metabolomics and Nutrition has advanced analytical equipment to measure a diverse range of biological compounds. The facility has gas chromatographs, high pressure liquid chromatographs and various detectors (photodiode array, evaporative light scattering, fluorescence, mass spectrometer), sample preparation equipment (speedvac, freeze-dryer, mixers, centrifuges, etc), plate readers, and automated analyzers for clinical and biochemical analytes of interest.

Two state-of-the-art systems for targeted and untargeted metabolomics analysis are highlights of the core’s analytical portfolio.  A gas chromatograph mass spectrometer (GC-MS) with Waters TargetLynx principle component software and an Agilent ultra-high pressure liquid chromatograph with quadrupole time of flight mass spectrometer (UPLC-QTOF) and Mass Profiler Professional metabolomics software and pathway analysis.

Members of the ACMaN core facility committee:

Graham Sinclair (Chair): gsinclair@cw.bc.ca

Rajavel Elango: relango@bcchr.ubc.ca

Philipp Lange: philipp.lange@ubc.ca

Yvonne Lamers: yvonne.lamers@ubc.ca

Roger Dyer (manager): rdyer@bcchr.ca

To learn more about ACMaN please see the PowerPoint presentation below:

OCHaD WIP Seminar